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"Postcode 00187"

This documentary is a snapshot of a Roman Quarter
in the course of time - 2012 / 1982.

The XVIII Quartiere is a part off the beaten tourists track. An ever so normal quarter where people live and work. With its bars, cafés, offices and shops. Everybody has got to pass through. Since 1982 a lot has changed, but much remained, too. There are social, political and economic reasons behind it, because this city is more than the tourist attraction as which it is often seen.

Seven chapters give structure to the film. As we follow the boundaries we discover then past and present of a city, which is, with its ever - present display of liveliness all but a museum. The spectator is introduced to memories to these places back in the 1980es. Furthermore, we meet people, who live and work here.

I am well acquainted with this quartiere of Rome, as I used to live here 30 years ago and still revisit it regularly. So, my view of this place comes deep within and from the outside. Therefore it is simultaneously both subjective and objective - a presentation of the present and a reflection of the past. In this way the film opens new aspects of perception of the spectator.

The soundtrack is based on music played by the guitar-virtuoso Daniel Lüdke and Michael Bolz the composer. Daniel made new recordings of a number of most beautiful etudes for classical guitar by the Italian maestro Giulio Regondi. Combined with modern compositions a contrasting, yet harmonious mixture was created.

The interplay of calm and activity, typical for Rome, is also reflected in the visual presentation and the special use of color.

This documentary gives a warm, knowledgeable, and loving view of a very normal quarter. Nothing spectacular can be found, for life is based on things normal, and not sensational. The spectator gets an impression, a feel of the city in an entertaining way.

Production: (c) 2012 Alexander Bolz - Film.Verlag.Medien
Script, Camera, Editor, Director:
Alex Bolz
Music: Michael Bolz, Daniel Lüdke, Giulio Regondi, J.S. Bach
Format: HDCam, Color, 16:9
Length: aprox. 40min.
Language: German/Italian
(Engl. Subtitles)


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