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Exposé english, Trailer

Bildnis der Mutter

Lenght 89min./Color/Format 16:9/Language: German
DVD 9,99 €  - ISAN 0000-0002-DBE1-0000-S-0000-0000-R

You can also buy the complete film as download or stream für 3,-

"The Image of a Mother as a Young Woman"

What were our mothers like as young women?
A group of men, age 40 to 50, are facing this question.
They are all unmarried and have no children.
They knew their mothers only as mature women because they were born late.
But what were they like as girls, as young women?
What kind of life did they live?
What kind of dreams did they have?
Was everything predestined?

The image of the mother is the mirror of their sons.

As the film is also dicussing the socio-cultural influence on the mother-son relationship,
it goes beyond a mere representation of factual circumstances.

An essay movie on a quest between truth and imagination

Production details:
Production: (c) 2010 Alexander Bolz - Film.Verlag.Medien
Idea, Camera, Editor, Director: Alex Bolz
Music: Daniel Lüdke, Gianna Nannini
Cast: Rüdiger W. Kunze, Wolfgang Schütze, Andreas Lüdke,
Christian Ventzke, Alexander Bolz und Susanne A. Zander
Props: Rolf Seichter
Format: HDCam, Color (DVD), 16:9
Length:  89 min.
Language: German (English subtitle)

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